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What type of participation is required by each class?

Parents or other child care givers participate on the day your child attends class on a rotating schedule. (Approximately every 6 to 8 weeks)

     - Three year old class  participation is two days a week.

     - Four Year Old Class participation is three days a week.

     - Pre K Class participation is on Monday and Fridays only for the five day class on a rotating schedule.

     - All families have the opportunity to use the paid substitute option offered if family members are unable to participate. You can arrange this with your child's teacher or during registration. The participating parent is responsible for the snack for the entire week.

What happens if I can not participate in my child's class?

With many parents working full and part-time, we are now offering more options for parents regarding classroom participation. We have introduced a "permanent parent substitute" option.

Parents are asked at orientation to consider being on our substitute list. Substitutes will allow their name and phone number to be on this list, if called and available, the substitute will be the class parent in one of the three classes for the family that is unable to participate. The substitute will be paid $15 dollars for the day. We will distribute the substitute list to all parents in September.


What can I expect to do when I am the participating parent?

The role of the participating parent is to assist the teacher during the school day. Participating parents will help facilitate crafts or projects going on in the classroom, help set up snack, join in with the children during open play, and set up for the various classroom activities. 


How do I schedule an appointment to visit the school?

Please call the school at (631) 244-3524 

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.