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Celebrating 50 Years in Sayville!

A Cooperative Program


"Cooperative" means you and your child share his or her first school experiences together. You will be directly involved with your child’s early education and a part of their interaction with others and meet their friends. Parents or other caregivers participate in the classroom, assisting the teacher several times per year. It also means you have a voice in the school; at United Church Preschool, parents and teachers make up the Board of Directors.


For those parents who cannot be in the classrooms, many choose to have a family member or trusted caregiver to be the participating adult for their child.  In addition, we offer a list of substitutes (for a nominal fee) to participate on your behalf when you cannot be present.  The substitutes are current and former parents who are part of our community.  



Statement of Philosophy

"It is our intention to educate the child by providing a variety of interesting, child-like experiences; through learning to get along with others, to share, and to develop a sense of independence. Our paramount goal is to provide the most favorable environment possible for the growth and development of young children" from the United Church Preschool statement of philosophy, 1967.

Though that statement was written more than 50 years ago, upon our founding, it is still what guides our classrooms today. Our classrooms take into account the developmental learning stages of children while addressing the common core standards found in New York State Elementary Schools.